about us

The search for health and beauty has taken food lovers all over the world. One of the countries that holds the key to this is Vietnam, particularly Vietnamese women - after all, they are known for their slender figures and youthful complexion. So what is their SECRET to staying slim naturally? 
Come dine at Hanoi - an authentic Vietnamese restaurant - and let her serve you wholesome homeland meals from Northern Vietnam which keep their women slender and attractive. With an innate understanding and passion for healthy Vietnamese inspired food culture, Hanoi's cooking methods often involves steaming or stir-frying. Fresh herbs, lots of vegetables and seafood, and cooking techniques that uses water or broth instead of oil helps to ensure that dishes are healthier and lower in calories. 
As you can see, the secret lies in what you eat. Yet, after a busy day around town, it is not easy to find time to plan a healthy diet. Make Hanoi your regular meal companion for nutritious eating. She will help you stave off those extra pounds and maintain your radiant youth! To serve you more efficiently, we have five new Quick Service counters open. 
Chúc các bạn ăn ngon miệng!
(‘Enjoy your meal’ in Vietnamese).